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With the timing of the expanded new edition of Caer's book, it's humbling how it  is even more pertinent in today's uncertain, tumultuous times.


A 2005 bestseller, Dear Little One is a perennial spiritual compass for readers of all ages, offering a parent's loving reflections on many aspects of life—friendship, beauty, faith, fear, hope, health, aging, money, love, grief, challenges, and much more.


A timeless gift book, packed with meaning and color photography, it will accompany your loved one through adolescence, adulthood, and even their twilight years.


Praise for Dear Little One:


“Timeless. The stuff that needs to be said. Dear Little One has the quality of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea.” —Carol Howe, Columnist


“Heartwarming and inspirational.” —Jamie Raab, Publisher, A Walk to Remember


“Caer, thank you for the gentle intelligence of Dear Little One, a hymn to life and love and God.” —Gerald Levin, CEO Emeritus, Time Warner


“With four grandchildren, it is important for us to see through the hubbub to the mystery and awe in these little lives. Caer, thank you for helping us do that.” —Fred Osborn, Chair Emeritus, Episcopal Church Foundation


“Dear Little One provides a compass to kids and adults, even adults who do not have kids. It speaks to us all.” —Madison Dancer


You can find it here.

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