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About Your Host

DR. CAER HALLUNDBAEK has produced leading-edge broadcast media on faith and spirituality for 20+ years. An original consultant on the launch of PBS National’s long-running TV series 'Religion & Ethics Weekly,' she has worked for TIME, NBC, HBO, and as an on-air commentator on youth and spirituality for FOX News.


Caer (pronounced 'Care') is a Founding Director of the Godspeed Institute in coastal Maine and is known around the world as the host of the acclaimed “Godspeed Institute” radio show/podcast.

Rising above the din of fighting that often burdens media discussions on world religion and spirituality, Caer launched the program in 2010 as “an on-air classroom” on religious diversity to help improve understanding between people in an upbeat atmosphere of warmth and respect.

Since then, she has interviewed over 150 scholars, ministers, authors, and practitioners of belief systems from locations around the globe. The program has been twice nominated for the Martin E. Marty Public Understanding of Religion Award and has become a resource at colleges and universities including Yale.


Her current project is “Flight Song: Dedications to The Departed,” a musical program focused on helping people grieve through COVID losses and beyond. 


A member of the Author’s Guild, Caer’s books include:


"Dear Little One: Thoughts to My Child in an Uncertain World" (2018),     a best-selling spiritual compass for readers of all ages, offers a parent’s loving reflections on many aspects of life—friendship, beauty, faith, fear, hope, health, aging, money, love, grief, and much more.


"Inspired Relationships: 7 Saints' Real-Life Lessons on How to Live, Love and Work” (2013), nominated for a Christopher and two Catholic Press Association Awards, is an insightful and innovative exploration of the very human traits and challenges of popular saints, and how their lessons help us today at home, at work, and in community.


Caer was first published at 17 and enjoys teaching and inspiring youth to believe in the value of their words and perspectives. She is a graduate of New York University, Maryknoll School of Theology, and Fordham University. She earned her doctorate in spiritually-centered interdisciplinary leadership at Creighton University.

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